Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hoohlo Primary celebrates St. Valentine’s Day in style. This year, each child in class 5 chose a friend from their class to exchange gifts with. Everyone brought in a present they thought their friend would love and made a card for them.
In the afternoon the class decorated their faces with glitter and had a Valentine’s Day feast in the spare classroom. The tables were decorated with flowers collected from the school grounds, placed inside old drinks cans that had been made into vases.

Each child took turns to read out the message in their card and exchange gifts at the front of the room, while the rest of class cheered loudly. Some were a little bit embarrassed when their friends read out the nice things about them. The teachers exchanged gifts too, and some wore red and white for the day as part of the celebration of love and friendship.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tidy-up time!

Everyone has been very busy at the start of term cleaning the school. We don’t have cleaners here and the children have to look after their own school environment. When we came back from the holidays in January the school grounds had become overgrown; so each class took turns clearing the weeds away.

The students have Agriculture lessons where they learn how to look after farm animals and grow their own food. They take care of the school grounds and the vegetable garden in these lessons. 

Inside the school has to be kept clean too. After school each day, a few children stay behind to sweep the classroom floor with the old-style Basotho broom that is still used everywhere.