Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Party Time!

On Saturday many of Hoohlo Primary children came into school. Luckily for them this was not for extra lessons, but for a big party.
Once they were at the school grounds, the children could choose from a variety of fun things to do, including games and competitions. The bouncy castle was the big favourite of the day.

Lots of children wanted their faces painted too. Butterflies and the South African flag were big favourites, as was this character. Do you recognise him?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cultural Day

Last Friday we had Cultural Day. All the schools from sports day competed against each other in dance, drama, art and poetry. It was a lot like the first round of the Urdd Eisteddfod, and here the winners go through to a regional competition, then a national one too.

There were four different dance competitions, though our school entered just one, the mokhibo. This is a dance done by girls to music composed and sung by their classmates. You can see the costumes they wear in the pictures. The other dances were the litolobonya (also performed by girls) ndlamo and mohobelo (performed by boys).

We also entered the drama and art competitions with our children doing really well. We won a competition too! Joalane recited her poem ‘Soccer World Cup on African Soil’ accompanied by two of her classmates on vuvuzelas. She impressed the judges so much that she goes through to the regional competition in August. Everyone at school is very pleased for her.