Sunday, 29 April 2012


I’m sure that lots of you help around the house when you’re not at school: washing up, doing a bit of ironing or washing the car. Here, children help in the home too, but sometimes in different ways. Every day, most children will polish their shoes after school (it’s very dusty here, so they get dirty quickly) and at least once a week, they wash their school uniforms. Children also help to prepare meals in the kitchen, and to grow vegetables in the garden. The St Peter’s student in the picture is doing the family washing on a Saturday morning. The children have a lot of housework to do, but they go out and play with their friends after they’ve finished.

Some of you, or your older brothers or sisters might have a Saturday job. It’s the same here. There aren’t as many shops in Mokhotlong as in Welsh towns, so the jobs can be a little bit different. These two pupils in St. Michael’s Primary are selling cabbage from their mother’s garden. After school and on weekends, they can usually be found in town selling vegetables out of their wheelbarrow.