Monday, 2 May 2011

Easter Holidays

You’ve probably just come back to school after a two-week break for Easter. We had an Easter holiday here too, but we only had 4 days off school over the Easter weekend. The children were glad of the chance to relax after a long term. Two of them will tell you what they got up to during their holidays – did you do anything similar?

Lebohang is in class 4. This is his Easter diary: “Thursday and Friday I played soccer. On Saturday and Sunday I went to the Tšenola church. After I came back from church I played with toy cars and in the night I read books.

“On Tuesday I washed my school uniform and went running to exercise. On Wednesday I came back to school.”

Mary’s holiday was a little bit different. She is in class 5. “I went to the mall with my aunt who bought me some Easter eggs. When I got home we ate them with my family. We had a lot of fun. My sister cooked and we had supper. I washed the dishes and put them in the cupboard. I watched TV, then my aunt helped me to do spelling. I got them all right. Then I went to play with my friends. 
“On Friday my younger brother came over (he doesn’t live with us). We played and went to Scooters for pizza. After we took him home, I polished my shoes, washed my socks, watched TV, then my friend came. We played with dolls, then were tired so we went to sleep. 

“I went to Polosoang Church in Maseru West on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After church on Sunday, I looked after my aunt because she was sick, then went to my room and read. I had a nice holiday.”

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