Sunday, 27 March 2011

Standard 5’s School Trip

This Thursday, Standard 5 children had a day out at the Lesotho Durham link to learn about pondlife and food chains.

To learn about food chains and ecosystems the children played a game. They each had a card with a picture of a plant, animal or insect on it and all died off one by one, to show how they all depend on each other for survival. One of the children in the class, Relebohile Molise, wanted to tell you about it:

“We were playing the game about animals which eat other animals, insects which eat other insects and plants which get food from the sun.” 

“Then we caught the animals which live in the water and put them in containers with water. We drew the animal we had caught and answered questions about it.

 “We learnt a lot about insects. I enjoyed it and would like to go back to the river.”

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