Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Yum Yum!

School dinners in Lesotho are very different to school dinners in Wales. There are no sausages, pasta or curries. Each day of the week has a set meal, so the children always know what they will have. The dinners are made from traditional Basotho dishes, and are very filling to give the pupils lots of energy for their afternoon lessons.
Monday’s dinner is pap and moroho, Tuesday’s dinner is bread and pea soup, Wednesday’s is pap and moroho again, Thusday’s is samp and beans and Friday’s is pap and milk. This picture above is of pap and milk.
Pap is a food made from maize meal that is eaten with many different foods, often chicken or chopped vegetables. It doesn’t really taste of much, is cheap and full of carbohydrates. Moroho is chopped and boiled cabbage – this tastes nicer than it sounds! Samp is dried corn kernels. You can see it in the picture.

All the school meals are free and the dinner ladies (called caterers or ‘the Bomme’ here) bring the food into the classroom where it is served. Most of the pupils eat with their hands, but if they want to use a fork or spoon, they bring it in from home.

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