Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Basotho Homes

 This week some class 5 children took me to their houses in Ha Hoohlo. Ha Hoohlo is a village right next to the border post with South Africa. It has a few very big houses along the main road, but most people live behind these in smaller, and very different houses.

What type of home do you live in? A flat? A terraced house? A semi-detached house? Detached? It’s very unlikely you live in a round house, but some people in Lesotho do. Mafaesa showed us his rondavel where he lives with his grandmother. He likes to play football outside with his friends.
Refiloe also lives Ha Hoohlo with her grandmother and sister. She lives in a detached brick house and likes to watch television.

Bokang lives with his mother in this house. There are several houses in this terrace. They surround a garden where he plants vegetables to eat.

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